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Evolution baby cot sheet

  • Evolution baby cot sheet
The Evolution baby cot sheet measures 60 x 120 cm and like the universal sheet has 40 cm panels of cotton sewn on to the ends to tuck under the mattress. We have brought you this sheet so your small children can get a good, grounded start in their lives but we also caution you to really make sure that your ground connection is a safe one. Using a ground rod is perfectly safe and using a ground clamp is also safe but if you use the electrical outlets ground make sure to test it with a ground tester first.

Every Evolution grounding sheet comes with a 5 m connection cord. An adapter cord is available for those of you that already have an adapter plug or ground rod from Earthing so you can use your existing connection.
(Evolution standard is 10 mm snap button and 4 mm male contact. Earthing standard is 4 mm snap button and 4,7 mm male contact). If you don't have a ground connection you can choose one in the shopping cart.

Wash your Evolution baby cot sheet at 40-60 degrees Celsius with a liquid colour detergent only. No other chemicals should be used as they can destroy the silver threads and the conductivity of your sheet.

Connection alternatives are available in the shopping cart at reduced prices

1 Evolution baby cot sheet
1 straight cord at 5 m
1 set instructions


Evolution baby cot sheet


Evolution baby cot sheet

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