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Sheet tester

  • Sheet tester
  • Sheet tester
The sheet tester is great for checking the conductivity of your sheet or mat is conductive, if your cords are ok and if you are grounded while laying on sheet or when having your feet on your grounding mat.

To check sheets or mats just attach the alligator clip anywhere on the conductive area, hold the button pressed and touch the testers metal plate to any conductive area on your sheet or mat. If the green light is lit all is ok.

If you wish to test a cord just attach the alligator clip at one end and hold the metal plate on the tester to the male connector at the other end of the cord. Keep the button pressed. Green light means ok.

To make sure that you are in contact with your Evolution sheet through multiple layers of bottom sheets just attach the alligator clip to the silver material at the edge of the sheet.

Then lay on the bed like when you go to sleep and hold the tester in one hand. Put one finger on the metal plate and hold the button pressed down until you get a green light. It may take a little while before the moisture from your body goes through the bottom sheets but you will get contact.


Sheet Tester


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