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Evolution earthing pillow case

  • Evolution earthing pillow case
Our new Evolution earthing pillow case is made from 33% stainless steel fibre, 33% cotton and 33% polyester, a real heavy duty product meant to last. Use it under your regular pillow case. The moisture from your head creates conductive channels through the cotton and you get strong grounding without needing to have skin contact with the evolution pillow case. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

The new Evolution pillow case comes with a 5 m connection cord. An adapter cord is available for those of you that already have an adapter plug or ground rod from Earthing so you can use your existing connection. Evolution standard is 10 mm snap button and 4 mm male contact. Earthing standard is 4 mm snap button and 4,7 mm male contact. If you don't have a ground connection you can choose one in the shopping cart.

The pillow case is being washed at 60 degrees Celsius with colour detergent. Do not use any form of bleach, fabric softeners or chlorine. Do not use facial creams a few hours before going to bed as the oils and grease may create an insulating layer on the steel fibre.

Connection alternatives are available in the shopping cart at reduced prices

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New Earthing Pillow Case


Evolution earthing pillow case

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