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Evolution ground rod

  • Evolution ground rod
For our series of Evolution earthing products we offer a 30 cm stainless steel ground rod with a 15 m long wire that will reach to both 1st and 2nd level on most buildings. Using a ground rod is the best choice to ground yourself, if it is possible to use.

Push the rod into the ground 20-30 cm out from the foundation, where the ground is moist. Pull the wire in through an open window and close the window. The wire will not break but maybe be bent a bit. Bring the wire in to the place where you want to have the connection point and tie excess wire up in a roll with the supplied ties. A splitter can be attached if you need to connect two grounding products to one wire.

The wire should be attached to the building either with small cable clamps on wooden buildings or with glue to stone buildings to stop it from flapping in the wind. You can also tape it to a rainwater downpipe. Then connect the white cord from your sheet or other product and you are ready to go grounded.

If you already own a ground rod or adapter plug from Earthing you can use that. We have supplied a special 4 to 4,7 mm adapter for the purpose with all sheets, mats pillow cases and wraps.


Evolution Ground Rod


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