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Evolution earthing sheets. 50% silver thread, 50% tencel / lyocell. 2 year warranty

Do you want the best Earthing sheet on the market? Then we offer you our new Evolution silver sheets. Made from 50% of the finest French made silver thread and 50% tencel / lyocell, produced from sustainably grown eucalyptus and beech, they are extremely durable and long lasting. Tencel and lyocell are some of the most environmentally friendly materials available. We have made no compromises regarding quality and guarantee our sheets for 2 years and our earthing mats for 5 years.

As the whole surface of the sheet is fully conductive they should be put under your regular bottom sheet, the moisture from your body creates conductive channels through the cotton and you get effective grounding without having skin contact with the silver threads, unlike standard earthing sheets with 3% silver where you must have skin contact to get any effect. All our earthing products are made to a very high standard, even the cords are all reinforced.

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Evolution earthing pad

Evolution earthing pad

Price: € 74,65