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Evolution Silver Sheet with 50% silver thread, a high quality earthing sheet that goes under your normal bottom sheet


Standard earthing sheets and the Chinese low quality copies contain only 3% silver thread and one needs to have skin contact with the silver threads to get a functional contact with Earth. The problem with this type of earthing sheets is that our skin oils and sweat contain sulphur. Sulphur is the one substance that oxidises silver so after some time the silver threads have built up a black layer of oxide and the sheet is no longer functional for earthing.

We have solved this problem by introducing earthing sheets with 50% pure silver thread and 50% tencel / lyocell, a fibre manufactured from sustainably grown eucalyptus and beechwood. Tencel and lyocell are some of the most environmentally friendly threads available.They are very strong and needs less washing than other materials. The silver thread in our sheets is manufactured in France with 99,99% pure silver and specially treated agains oxidising.

Silver thread consists of nylon thread that has been plated with silver and we have chosen to use the highest quality available to maximise the lifespan of our earthing sheets. The Evolution silver sheets are produced by our partner in Australia who have been testing and selling this type of products for over 6 years.

Our unique Evolution earthing sheets with 50% silver thread is used UNDER your ordinary bottom sheet. If you sweat a lot at night you can use two bottom sheets. The moisture from your body creates conductive channels through the bottom sheets without the oxidising skin oils reaching the silver threads, something that increases the lifespan of your earthing sheet substantially. The bottom sheet needs to be changed every week and the Evolution sheet you should wash every 2 months.

The benefits with an Evolution silver sheet compared to a standard earthing sheet with 3% silver includes:

  • As the Evolution sheet is placed under your bottom sheet, the silver threads are being protected against oxidising from skin oils, sweat, lotions and other products that can damage the silver.
  • Much more silver (47% more) means greater resilience against oxidising and damages that can affect the function of your sheet.
  • The conductive surface of an Evolution sheet is much larger.
  • Less washing means longer lifespan of your sheet.
  • 50% silver sheets appear to repel dust mites.
  • Silver is anti bacterial.
  • You can sleep on your favourite sheets and still be grounded.
  • Tencel and lyocell are some of the best threads available for the environment

We are proud to offer quality products that will last a long time. That is why we have decided to use the very best materials. We give you a full 2 year warranty on our Evolution silver sheets on the condition that our care instructions have been followed. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and the function of your sheet. The warranty does not cover discolouring of the silver threads as it is a natural process. If you sweat heavily through the bottom sheets the silver threads will eventually acquire a brownish color but that is normally not affecting the function of your Evolution sheet. You can purchase a simple conductivity tester from us after the sheet has been in use a few years to check your sheet.

Care instructions

  • Evolution silver sheets should be washed at 40-60 degrees Celsius with a liquid color laundry detergent only.
  • Do NOT use detergent containing any form of bleaching agents.
  • Do NOT use chlorine, bleaching agents, softeners or any other chemicals as they can destroy the silver.
  • Do NOT dry clean.
  • Hang the sheet to dry in shadow. Towards the end of the drying period you may tumble dry your sheet at low heat.
  • Do NOT use little perfumed dryer sheets in the tumble dryer.
  • You can iron the sheet with the iron set at nylon but there is no reason as it goes under your bottom sheet.

We wish you many years of healthy earthing with your new Evolution silver sheet from Earthingpeople